Spiritual Thoughts by Jenny V

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Holy Spirit

We are taking a Disciple II class at church. The study is primarily of Acts. My Ladies Bible Study is also studying Acts. The study of the Holy Spirit is intriguing. Here are some observations:

  • This marks the beginning of the church
  • Spirit is recognized by wind and fire
  • Wind and fire are representations
  • Those who were filled with the Holy Spirit had particular characteristics - They had followed Christ for a time. They were continuing to build their relationship with Christ, but he was leaving.
  • In being filled with the Holy Spirit, one experiences the entire triune God.
  • The Disciples were to set aside all self-desire in order to allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through their lives.
  • God does not control us but if we strike out our own desires and ask him to fill our hearts for his glory, he will fill us with the Spirit so we can do his work boldy

The personal significance of this learning is surrounded by recent pulls in my life.

  1. I have been praying about "calling"
  2. I have considered a particular ministry
  3. I have been focused on dismissing the desires of my own heart in order to obtain the will of God for my life.

Is it ironic or even coincidental that these things have been tugging on my heart for a time now and just as I begin to focus on them, I'm invited to participate in not one, but TWO classes desiring to dig into the Word of God and learn about the Spirit. One of the ladies said that she has felt called to study this area of the scripture for a time now, and suggested that perhaps it could be more for me than her. IS THIS FOR REAL??? WOW!!! I can so see the Lord at work in my life.

"As a deer pants for the water

So my soul thirsts after you.

You alone are my hearts desire

And I long to worship you.

You alone are my strength, my shield

To you alone may my spirit yield

You alone are my hearts desire

And I long to worship you.

I want You more than gold or silver

Only you can satisify.

You alone are the real joy giver

And the apple of my eye.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wash Away The Sin

I often find myself lost in dreaming about things... house, vacation, hobbies, a new truck. Why must I find myself consumed with such thoughts? My prayer is that the Lord would give me sufficient discipline to conquer these thoughts. I desire the Lord to "wash away the sin" of such thinking. Simply put, no such dreaming is glorifying God. It's simply adding frustration and discontent to our lives. Why is my mind not filled with such ferver of the Lord's plans?

During last weeks Girls Group Bible Study, I would like to record some notable thoughts:
  • Discontent may also be a blessing. When we become "comfortable" we risk losing the desire to seek the Lord's will. Michelle notes that she is 'comfortable' in her home, but her husband is not. He feels the Lord calling him into a ministry that may involve moving. If they were both 'comfortable' then they might have no desire to move and thus would potentially dismiss the Lord's prompting.
  • We are not supposed to be "comfortable" in this world. The world is constantly in search of the next item that will bring them comfort. (i.e. better car, nicer house, etc.) What we truly are seeking is the comfort of heaven. Eternal comfort and peace will be met in Heaven. Why do we waste so much time, money, and efforts? We must learn to be content today.
  • God has a plan for us today. God wants to walk and talk with us today. We are often caught pressing on for tomorrow and thus we are missing many todays in the process.

Lord, please give me the strength to dismiss the thoughts that fail to bring you glory. Fill my heart with the desires that you have for me and help me to focus accordingly to bring you glory today. For the sake of your son, Jesus. Amen.