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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Girls Group Re-cap 12/06/06

So tonight we reviewed 1 Samuel Chapters 1-7. There are a lot of profound messages within. Some of the notables that I need to act on are:

  • Circumstances are part of God's plan. Things happen in his time.
  • Find delight in God (not his blessings) Praise him, honor him, and experience fulfillment within him alone.
  • Maintain relationship with the Lord. Stay in His Word. Recognize His voice and heed His instruction.
  • Put God first, even before family.
  • Put faith in God alone.
  • Allow God's power to help overcome obstacles.
  • Rid yourself of ALL foriegn gods. Commit yourself to serving Him.
  • Do Not stop crying out. Pray for others.


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